We will try to make your job easier! All you need to do is to turn up to our Exclusive Networking Event and enjoy yourselves!

How it works?

1.We choose a short film script that has been written especially for this project.

2.We audition hundreds of people to choose the best.

3.We film the short film and enter it into the festivals.

4.We send out the invitations to you so you may come and see our short film and meet our chosen actors.

5.We aim to make the evening a fun and informal way for you to meet future stars of the acting world.

6.All you need to do is – turn up!

There are no obligations for you to sign anyone up to your agency or give a role. All we aim for is to introduce you to future talent, that you might be interested in working with.

I AM AN ACTOR’s Exclusive Networking Event is a yearly event that will introduce you to future screen stars. In the near future we will be setting up showcases for theatre actors as well.

Would you like to be kept up to date on the latest news that relates only to you?